Mayor Freddie O’Connell

Mayor O’Connell to Celebrate Transportation Program Milestone

Mayor O’Connell celebrates the 300th bus shelter and passage of Choose How You Move program.

Nashville Proposes Comprehensive Transportation Improvement Plan

Nashville proposes a transportation improvement plan with a half-cent sales tax surcharge.
Mayor Re-launches Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Mayor Freddie O’Connell re-launches BPAC to enhance Nashville's bike-friendly status.
Mayor O’Connell Reaffirms Nashville’s Commitment to Urban Tree Canopy
Mayor Freddie O'Connell signs executive order to protect and expand Nashville's tree canopy.
Mayor Encourages Metro Employees to Volunteer as Poll Workers
Mayor O'Connell issued an executive order allowing Metro employees to serve as volunteer poll workers.
Nashville Mayor Proposes Comprehensive Transportation Overhaul
Mayor O’Connell reveals maps for major transportation improvements in Nashville.
Nashville Joins Bloomberg’s Sustainability Initiative for Equitable Growth
Nashville selected for Bloomberg's program to boost sustainable and equitable community development.
Nashville’s Bold Step Towards Transformative Transportation
Nashville plans major overhaul of its transportation system.
Nashville Targets 25 Streets for Spring 2024 Traffic Calming
Nashville announces 25 new traffic calming projects to enhance neighborhood safety.