Mayor Encourages Metro Employees to Volunteer as Poll Workers

Mayor O'Connell issued an executive order allowing Metro employees to serve as volunteer poll workers.

Mayor Freddie O’Connell issued Executive Order No. 48, encouraging Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County employees to participate in the Election Day Volunteer Poll Worker Program. The order allows unclassified Metro employees to volunteer as poll workers if their department approves a day of administrative leave.

“Poll officials play a vital role in our democracy by ensuring our elections are accurate and secure, and through this executive order we are doing our part as an employer to support the Davidson County Election Commission as they recruit volunteers to serve in these important roles for our upcoming elections,” Mayor O’Connell said. He also encouraged other employers to support volunteer poll officials and urged Nashvillians to learn more about serving in this capacity.

The order only allows for volunteer service as a poll worker on election day and does not permit employees to take administrative leave to volunteer for political candidates or campaigns. It applies to primary, general, runoff, and special elections. Metro departments have the final say in approving leave requests, as long as the request does not disrupt continuity of service.

Davidson County Election Commission Administrator Jeff Roberts emphasized the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process for ensuring election integrity. The executive order takes effect 90 days after the mayor’s signature, providing time for the Civil Service Commission, elected officials, and Board of Health to adopt similar policies for their employees before the August election.

To learn more or sign up as a Davidson County Poll Official, visit Apply to be a Poll Official.

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