Former Officer Charged for Misconduct in Adult Video

Former officer Sean Herman arrested for misconduct related to an adult video filmed while on duty.

Specialized Investigations Division detectives have arrested former Nashville police officer Sean Herman on two counts of felony official misconduct. The charges stem from Herman’s participation in the production of an adult video while he was on duty.

Sean Herman, 33, was dismissed from his position on May 9 by Chief John Drake. This action came just a day after detectives discovered the video, identifying Herman as the officer in an MNPD uniform seen in the footage. In the video, Herman is involved in a mock traffic stop during an OnlyFans skit, which includes inappropriate conduct involving the female driver.

The investigation revealed that the video was recorded on the evening of April 26 in a parking lot in the Madison area, while Herman was on duty as a patrol officer in the Madison Precinct. Following his dismissal, Chief Drake ordered the investigation to continue, leading to Herman’s indictment. A Criminal Court judge has set Herman’s bond at $3,000.

Herman had been employed by the police department for three years before his termination and subsequent arrest.

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