Robert Holtz Wins April 2024 STARS Award

Robert Holtz, Director of Community Development, receives the April 2024 STARS Award.

Robert Holtz, Director of Community Development, was honored with the STARS Award on Thursday, May 23, 2024, during a special ceremony with Mayor Shane McFarland. Holtz has been the director of Community Development since February 2023, following his tenure as Director of Building & Codes, a position he held since 2016. He began his career with the City of Murfreesboro in August 1996 as a Plans Examiner.

Holtz is known for his dedication to serving the clients of Community Development. One of the department’s main programs, Rehab, assists low to moderate-income homeowners with various home repairs they cannot afford, such as HVAC issues, roof damage, and sinking floors. Holtz personally visits each home to assess the problems and determine the best repair solutions. He also fosters a friendly and professional relationship with the clients, giving them confidence that their needs will be addressed. Many clients view him as a hero for his efforts.

The STARS Award, which stands for “Succeeding Through Attitudes Reflecting Service Excellence,” honors employees who positively represent the city, exhibit core values, and enhance the quality of life for citizens. The program recognizes outstanding employees who exceed their regular duties in providing excellent customer service. A committee of City employees reviews the nominations each month and votes for the winners.

Congratulations to Robert Holtz for being named a STAR!

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