Murfreesboro City Manager Craig Tindall on “The Insider”

Craig Tindall discusses city projects and his new role as Special Counsel.

Murfreesboro City Manager Craig Tindall highlights numerous ongoing city projects and discusses his future role with the city as Special Counsel beginning July 2nd on the latest edition of “The Insider.” Listen to “The Insider” at “The Insider,” the City’s official podcast, is also available for viewing on YouTube.

Tindall has served as Murfreesboro’s City Manager since June 2018, after being hired away from his duties as City Attorney, a position he had held since joining the city in 2016. In his six years as City Manager, Tindall has helped navigate significant growth, manage a $289 million budget, and facilitate the sale of the City’s electric utility for $245 million, paving the way for the Community Investment Trust. This Trust, designed under the City Charter, gives an independent Board authority to invest and disburse funds to supplement the long-term needs of the city and provide for annual charitable funding.

“Sometimes you feel like there’s other things in life that you want to take a look at and spend time on,” said Tindall. “Also, it comes to a point where it’s time for the next individual to take the position and take the City and move it forward.” In April, Tindall informed the City Council of his intention to step away from his duties as City Manager to transition to Special Counsel with roles related to the Community Investment Trust, the Solid Waste Authority, a Sports Authority, and the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport. The role change is effective July 2, 2024.

This edition of “The Insider” features Tindall explaining his decision to step away from his role as City Manager for a city the size of Murfreesboro, which involves extensive duties that extend beyond a typical 8-5 pm commitment. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Tindall has witnessed remarkable growth during his tenure. Managing this growth involves addressing infrastructure needs such as new roads, solid waste, water and sewer services, and public safety.

One of the most notable changes under Tindall’s leadership has been the sale of the City’s smaller electric utility (MED) to the larger Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE), enhancing the electrical distribution system. This transition will benefit the City long into the future, especially with the creation of the Community Investment Trust.

Under Tindall’s transition to Special Counsel, one of his roles will be to help administer the Community Investment Trust Board of Trustees in an advisory capacity and monitor the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) responsible for investing proceeds from the sale of MED. The City is already benefiting from the proceeds in the form of long-term capital project investments in roads and parks, avoiding higher debt service, and helping to mitigate higher property taxes.

Tindall brought legal and analytical skills to his role, not often seen in public administration leadership, assisting in all departments of the city. He emphasized the importance of customer service as a critical philosophy and aims for continuous improvement in this area under the next city manager.

Meeting the long-term challenges of solid waste management has been an issue even before Tindall became City Manager. The City is exploring viable alternatives such as WastAway, a company that converts garbage into fuel. Tindall will continue to address this as Special Counsel by managing financial risks and diverting garbage to a transfer station in partnership with a private entity.

In exploring the possibility of entertaining a baseball team, the City learned about the benefits of a Sports Authority. Sponsorships could create revenue and offset costs, facilitating future opportunities with corporations interested in the City’s youth sports development.

Several development projects are underway or in planning stages, including The Fountains Phase II and a new Trader Joe’s along Medical Center Parkway. Other projects face challenges, such as the downtown block where the historic United Methodist Church building stands and the mixed-use redevelopment project along Broad Street called Keystone.

Tindall expects to see progress on the Town Creek urban park project in 2024. Other developments include Clari Park, catering to the demand for multi-family housing, and the design phase of Veterans Park, which will offer trails, a playground, and event space.

The FY25 Budget has been presented to the City Council, with hearings scheduled for May 23rd. The budget projections require conservative estimates to balance the budget without increasing property taxes or issuing new debt despite the city’s growth.

The Murfreesboro City Council voted on May 10, 2024, to hire Assistant City Manager Darren Gore as the next City Manager, effective July 1, 2024.

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