Road Closures and Safety Tips During Flooding

Motorists are urged to exercise caution and avoid flooded streets.

In light of recent flooding, the Murfreesboro Police Department is issuing a safety advisory to motorists to steer clear of areas impacted by high water levels. The key message to drivers is to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,” emphasizing the importance of not attempting to drive through flooded streets. This advice is particularly pertinent in cases where the road is covered with standing water, as it can be difficult to assess the depth and current.

The Stones River has exceeded its banks in several locations, leading to the flooding of nearby streets. For public safety, certain streets have been closed, and motorists are encouraged to consult the list of closures before planning their routes. It’s important to note that, in addition to the listed closures, many other roads may be experiencing flooding or have accumulated standing water, posing a risk to unwary drivers.

The following city streets have been identified as closed due to high water conditions:

– E. College Street (Railroad Bridge)

– Barfield Road at Greenway Trailhead

– Barfield at Shaolom

– St. Andrews in front of Salem Elementary

– St. Andrews at St. Bernard

– Patriots at Lascassas

– Indian Park at Merchant Walk

– E. Northfield Blvd. at North Tennessee

– Allen at McKnight

– Jupitar at Main Street

– Shagbark at Tanglewood

– Rutherford Blvd. between Bradyville and Lynch

Franklin Road at Veterans Parkway

– W. Molloy at New Salem

– W. Molloy at Bridge Ave.

– Memorial at Byrd

– Gold Valley at Red Oak

– Gold Valley at Pearl Knob

Additionally, the Greenway Trailhead System has been closed due to the flooding and resultant high water levels. Motorists and pedestrians alike are advised to heed these closures and to avoid attempting to traverse any water-covered roads or pathways. This precaution not only ensures personal safety but also helps prevent the emergency services from being stretched during flood response efforts.

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