Restoration Efforts at Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Falls to outline restoration plans in an open house.

Fall Creek Falls State Park has announced an open house event scheduled for Thursday, May 9, aimed at informing the community about upcoming restoration efforts within the park’s scenic loop. The necessity for this project arose after severe storms last year resulted in the felling of thousands of trees, posing hazards within the park and its gorge area.

The removal of the fallen trees is set to commence this summer and is expected to extend into the fall season. The park leadership aims to utilize the open house as a platform to disseminate detailed information regarding the restoration plan and to address any inquiries from the public. The event will feature an open house format, allowing for informal interactions between park staff, project partners, and attendees from 5-7 p.m. at the Lodge at Fall Creek Falls.

Greer Tidwell, Deputy Commissioner at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, expressed enthusiasm about engaging with the park’s community. “This is an opportunity to restore the area to an oak meadow,” he stated, highlighting the project’s goal of rehabilitating the affected land.

In collaboration with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry, the initiative will also involve salvaging the downed trees. The proceeds from this effort will be directed towards funding the habitat restoration. As part of the restoration process, temporary road closures may be implemented.

The park intends to employ various land management techniques, including mechanical removal, the application of pesticides, and the execution of routine prescribed burns to rejuvenate the land. Additionally, a diverse mix of seeds will be planted to attract pollinators. Controlled burning, a critical component of the restoration, will be conducted by extensively trained workers to ensure the safety of the surrounding communities, the workers themselves, and the integrity of the land.

The restoration project aims to reintroduce the native habitat, offering enhanced opportunities for wildlife viewing and presenting visitors with diverse landscapes. A key focus of the restoration efforts is the protection of the park’s rare old-growth forest.

The park extends an invitation to all citizens to participate in the open house. Further information and any alerts related to the park can be accessed at

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