Lottery Open for Unique Firefly Viewing Events

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park organizes a lottery for firefly viewing nights.

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park has announced that it is currently accepting lottery entries for the opportunity to view two rare phenomena: the blue ghost and synchronous fireflies. These viewings are scheduled for specific dates in May and June, offering a unique experience for nature enthusiasts.

The park has set dates for the blue ghost firefly viewing on May 23, 24, and 27. Meanwhile, the synchronous firefly viewing events are slated for June 5, 6, and 7. Interested participants have until May 9 to submit their lottery entries, with all entries considered simultaneously regardless of submission time. Winners of the lottery will be notified by May 15.

Tim Pharis, Park Manager, expressed excitement about the event, noting the high demand and limited availability. “We always have great demand for this event, and we’re excited to welcome visitors to the park for these viewings,” he said. Due to the limited access to these viewing events, the park must restrict the number of attendees to ensure a quality experience for all.

Those interested in participating in this unique experience can submit their lottery entries online. The park has highlighted the distinct characteristics of the fireflies featured at these events. Synchronous fireflies are known for their ability to synchronize flash patterns during mating rituals, creating a stunning visual display. The blue ghost fireflies are noted for their ability to emit a steady blue light for over a minute, creating an ethereal, floating appearance.

Lottery winners will be granted one vehicle entry per selected viewing night at a cost of $50, with a maximum of six people allowed per vehicle. Each night will see only 10 applicants selected to participate, making this an exclusive event. While the lottery is free to enter, participants can increase their chances by entering for each of the six available dates.

This event presents a rare opportunity to witness one of nature’s most fascinating displays in a controlled, intimate setting, offering both education and entertainment for those lucky enough to attend.

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