Man Charged with Homicide for Fain Street Shooting

Timothy Gibbons Jr. charged with criminal homicide for the fatal shooting of Alan Howard.

Detectives have charged Timothy Gibbons Jr., 30, with criminal homicide for this afternoon’s fatal shooting of family friend, Alan Howard, 63, at a residential property in the 100 block of Fain Street. Gibbons was on the scene when the first officers arrived and informed them he had shot Howard.

According to Gibbons, he and Howard had been drinking since the night before. He said a friend of Howard came to the residence during the noon hour, and that he and Howard got into that person’s vehicle. Gibbons stated that Howard became aggressive after getting into the car and began striking him with his fists and open hands. Gibbons then pulled out his semi-automatic pistol and was chambering a round as he had his finger on the trigger. Howard was shot in the chest. Gibbons exited the car and told a family member to call the police. Howard’s friend with the car was not present when officers arrived.

A judicial commissioner set bond for Gibbons at $75,000.

![Timothy Gibbons Jr.](

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Progress in South Nashville Fatal Shooting Probe

Homicide Unit detectives are making progress in investigating the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Rickey O. Hale, which occurred behind Lakeshore Christian Church on Bell Forge Lane. Preliminary findings indicate Hale was shot late Wednesday night and collapsed at the scene, where he was found the next morning. The investigation is ongoing as detectives collect further evidence and information.