Investigation Progresses in South Nashville Fatal Shooting

Detectives are investigating the circumstances of an 18-year-old's shooting near Bell Forge Lane.

Homicide Unit detectives are making progress in determining the circumstances that led to the fatal shooting of Rickey O. Hale, 18. The incident occurred behind Lakeshore Christian Church on Bell Forge Lane off Bell Road. Preliminary findings suggest that Hale was shot in that general vicinity late Wednesday night and subsequently collapsed behind the church building. He was discovered at 8:40 a.m. The investigation remains ongoing as detectives continue to gather evidence and information.

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Teen Arrested for March Apartment Shooting

A 17-year-old named Dazmane Moore has been arrested for the fatal shooting of Gregory Manning II on March 8 at the Villas of Metro Center. The investigation indicates that Moore and Marickus Ladd, who was arrested earlier, both brandished guns during an altercation with Manning, leading to Manning’s death. Moore has been placed in juvenile detention. For more information, visit the official press release.