Tennessee’s 251st Military Police Company Marks Homecoming

Nearly 150 soldiers are set to return from a year-long deployment.

Nearly 150 soldiers from the Tennessee National Guard’s 251st Military Police Company are set to return home on Thursday, March 21, after completing a nearly year-long deployment overseas. The soldiers are scheduled to arrive at Smyrna’s Volunteer Training Site in two groups, at approximately 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., where they will be reunited with eagerly waiting friends, family, and fellow soldiers.

Capt. Brennan Carter, the commander of the 251st Military Police Company, expressed his eagerness for the unit’s return. “We are ready to be home with our families after such a successful deployment,” he said. He praised the company’s performance overseas, stating, “I believe this is one of the best military police companies in Tennessee and every one of these Soldiers did a fantastic job. They are all true professionals.”

During their deployment, the majority of the 251st was stationed at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, where they conducted law and order missions and provided security for other deployed military units. Additionally, a platoon of approximately 30 soldiers was based at Novo Selo Training Site in Bulgaria, and a team of military policemen was deployed in southeastern Poland at Rzeszow, performing similar security roles.

The deployment was described as “very dynamic” by Capt. Carter, who noted the variety of tasks the soldiers undertook to maintain security across the different sites. Despite facing numerous challenges, the soldiers of the 251st overcame every obstacle, showcasing the resilience and professionalism of Tennesseans.

Currently, the unit is at Fort Bliss, Texas, completing their federal demobilization and out-processing procedures. Upon their return to Tennessee, the soldiers will go through a brief in-processing before being officially released to reunite with their families.

The media is invited to cover the homecoming event. They will be escorted from the front gate of Smyrna’s Volunteer Training Site, located at 600 6th Ave, Smyrna, Tennessee, to the designated media area to capture photos and video of the soldiers’ return. This event marks a significant moment for the soldiers of the 251st Military Police Company and their loved ones, as they celebrate the successful completion of their deployment and the joy of coming home.

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