Tennessee National Guard Unit Returns from Middle East

Over 150 Soldiers from the 267th Military Police Company are coming home.

The Tennessee National Guard’s 267th Military Police Company, consisting of more than 150 Soldiers, is scheduled to return to Tennessee on Saturday, March 16, after completing a deployment in the Middle East that lasted nearly a year. The Soldiers are set to arrive in two groups at Smyrna’s Volunteer Training Site, with expected landing times at approximately 2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Friends, family members, and fellow Soldiers will be there to welcome them back.

Upon their arrival, the Soldiers will undergo a brief in-processing before being released to reunite with their families. This marks the end of their deployment that began in May of 2023, during which they were primarily based in Kuwait but also operated in eight other countries across 13 different air and seaports. Their mission involved providing customs support for service members entering and exiting the Middle East, successfully completing over 2,200 missions and processing more than 33,000 pieces of equipment and 20,000 service members.

Capt. Cristian Johnson, the commander of the 267th Military Police Company, praised the unit for their accomplishments, stating, “We faced challenges, overcame obstacles, and delivered exceptional results. The dedication, resilience, and teamwork our Soldiers displayed over the last year has been inspiring. I couldn’t be prouder of every member of this unit.”

The 267th Military Police Company, headquartered in Dickson with a detachment in Waverly, is trained in a wide array of military functions including security, policing, detention, and combat. These capabilities are crucial for enabling U.S. forces to maneuver freely, protect forces, and uphold the rule of law. Prior to their return to Tennessee, the unit is completing federal demobilization and out-processing procedures at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Media interested in covering the homecoming event will be escorted from the front gate of Smyrna’s Volunteer Training Site, located at 600 6th Ave, Smyrna, Tennessee, to the designated media area for photographs and video opportunities.

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