Selmer Eighth-Grader Wins Sportsmanship Award

Rhy'Lee Ricks honored for exemplary sportsmanship by TSSAA and NFHS.

Rhy’Lee Ricks, an 8th-grade student at Selmer Middle School, has been awarded the NFHS Student-Athlete Award of Excellence by the TSSAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations for her exemplary sportsmanship.

As a key member of this year’s softball team, Ricks consistently demonstrated a positive attitude that uplifted her teammates and even staff members. Her coach noted that Ricks “always had a smile on her face and had something positive to say to someone in their time of defeat.”

Ricks’ ability to motivate others and maintain an optimistic outlook during both challenging and successful moments contributed significantly to the team’s morale. Her willingness to prioritize her teammates’ well-being embodies the core values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

This recognition highlights the importance of fostering a supportive environment in school athletics. Positive attitudes like Ricks’ can enhance the overall experience for all participants, creating a more enjoyable and educational atmosphere.

Ricks, who also enjoys volleyball, basketball, and writing, serves as a reminder that the impact of good sportsmanship extends beyond the playing field, influencing school culture and personal development.

The NFHS Student-Athlete Award of Excellence recognizes students who embody the values of educational athletics. By celebrating these actions, we encourage all students to strive for excellence not just in their athletic performance, but in their character and conduct as well.

Nominate a student in your school today! Please use the form linked below to share a story about a student-athlete you know who has demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship, integrity, and ethics. If you have any questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact Courtney Brunetz (

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