Region 2 Lane Closure Report for June 27-July 3, 2024

Roadway activities and lane closures in Region 2 from June 27 to July 3, 2024.

### ROADWAY ACTIVITY REPORT – REGION 2 (Parts of East and Middle Tennessee) June 27-July 3, 2024

#### DISTRICT 27

**Cumberland County**

– **SR-28 (US-127)**: Bridge construction and paving from north of I-40 to near Potato Farm Road. Temporary lane closures and traffic stoppages for construction. North Grace Hill Drive closure starting 07/01/24. Detour via South Grace Hill Drive.

– **SR-1 (Sparta Hwy.)**: Utility work with intermittent stoppages and lane closures from East Main Pleasant Hill to Arthur Seagraves Road. Active from 04/18/24 to 06/26/24, 8 am to 3 pm.

– **SR-1 (US-70 E.)**: Utility work with intermittent stoppages and lane closures between SR-101/SR-392 to west of Sky Road. Active from 06/27/24 to 07/26/24, 8 am to 3 pm.

– **SR-1 (US-70)**: Roundabout construction at SR-392 and SR-101. Lane closures may be necessary.

– **SR-1 (US-70)**: Bridge replacement over the Obed River. Road closed at the bridge with detour via Northside Drive.

– **SR-1**: Resurfacing from LM 16.29 to LM 28. Lane closures and flaggers present.

– **SR-101**: Resurfacing from south of SR-282 to SR-1. Construction on sidewalks and curb ramps with lane closures.

– **SR-28 (Main Street, US-127)**: Pedestrian improvement project with lane closures and shoulder parking closed.

– **SR-28 (US-127)**: Grading, drainage, signals, and paving from SR-68 to south of Byrd’s Creek. Traffic pattern shifts.

– **SR-298**: Resurfacing from near Jackie Drive to east of Lake Francis Road. Lane closures with flaggers present.

– **SR-462**: Construction from SR-28 to SR-298. Temporary closures and traffic pattern shifts.

**Dekalb County**

– **SR-141 (Lancaster Rd.)**: Slide repairs at LM 0.43. Roadway closed with detour signs.

– **SR-26 (US-70)**: Grading, drainage, retaining walls, and paving from SR-53 to SR-96. Lane closures and traffic stoppages.

**Jackson County**

– **SR-135**: Rockfall mitigation north of Daniel Hill Lane. Road closed from LM 6.31 to 7.76 with detour.

– **SR-85**: Bridge repair over Indian Creek with road reduced to one lane controlled by temporary signals.

**Putnam County**

– **SR-136**: Construction from north of SR-111 interchange to south of I-40 interchange. Pigeon Roost Creek Road and Messenger Road closed.

– **I-40**: Milling and paving from MM 274 to MM 281. Nightly work with lane closures.

**White County**

– **SR-111**: Resurfacing from Van Buren County Line to near Shady Oak Rd. Lane closures expected.

#### DISTRICT 28

**Bledsoe County**

– **SR-28 (Main St.)**: Right lane shut down for sinkhole investigation.

– **SR-30 (State Hwy. 30)**: Bridge inspection on Veterans Memorial Bridge. Traffic directed by flaggers.

**Cannon County**

– **SR-1 (US-70S)**: Construction from near Barker Road to east of Hoover Road. Rolling roadblocks and lane closures for signal work.

**Coffee County**

– **SR-55 (E. Carroll St.)**: Utility work with police-assisted rolling roadblock on 06/30/24.

– **I-24**: Bridge replacement at Exit 105. Nightly work with lane closures and detours.

– **SR-55**: Roadway widening and bridge replacement from First Avenue to SR-16. Daily flagging operations.

– **SR-55**: Bridge repair over Little Duck River starting 06/26/24. Lane reduction until 07/31/25.

– **SR-55**: Resurfacing north of Harper Lane to SR-2. Nightly lane closures.

**Franklin County**

– **Old Decherd Road**: Bridge construction over Wagner Creek. Road closed with detour until June 30, 2025.

**Marion County**

– **I-24**: Culvert repair from MM 148 to MM 149. Right lane closure.

– **SR-156**: Eastbound lane shut down due to a sinkhole.

– **I-24**: Resurfacing from east of Big Fiery Gizzard Creek to near SR-27. Nightly lane closures.

**Sequatchie County**

– **SR-111**: Sinkhole and culvert repair at LM 3.3. Traffic pattern shifts with lane closures.

**Warren County**

– **SR-1 (US-70S)**: Intersection improvement and SIA to Motlow Advanced Robotics. Intermittent lane closures.

– **SR-1 (US-70S)**: Resurfacing east of SR-288 to west of SR-136. Short term shoulder closures.

– **SR-108**: Resurfacing from Grundy County line to south of SR-287. Shoulder closures for traffic control device installation.

– **SR-136**: Bridge repair over Caney Fork River with traffic signal control.

#### DISTRICT 29

**Bradley County**

– **I-75**: Interchange modifications at Paul Huff Parkway with lane closures.

– **SR-60**: Widening from the 4-lane north of I-75 to SR-306. Grading and storm drainage installation with lane closures.

– **SR-74 (Ocoee St. N.E.)**: Utility work with lane closures.

– **SR-40 (US-64)**: Resurfacing from SR-2 to near McKamy Street. Lane closures for concrete island construction.

**Hamilton County**

– **I-24**: Concrete repair from east of I-124 ramps to east of Long Street. Nightly lane closures.

– **I-75/I-24 Interchange Reconstruction**: Nightly lane closures and ramp closures. Moore Road and McBrien Road bridges closed.

– **SR-2 (E. 23rd St.)**: Utility work with nighttime lane closures.

– **SR-8 (Cherokee Blvd.)**: Utility work with lane shifts and closures.

– **I-124 (US-27)**: Construction with daily lane closures.

– **SR-29 (US-27)**: Resurfacing from Morrison Springs Road to SR-153. Nightly lane closures.

– **SR-317 (Apison Pike)**: Improvement project with lane closures and flagging operations.

– **SR-319 (Hixon Pike)**: Safety improvements with right lane closures.

– **SR-58**: Resurfacing from SR-153 to near Eller Road. Nightly lane closures.

**McMinn County**

– **SR-68**: Utility work with lane closures.

– **SR-39**: Bridge construction over Middle Creek with lane reduction and traffic signals.

**Meigs County**

– **SR-304**: Utility work with flagging operations.

– **SR-68**: Resurfacing from Rhea County line to McMinn County line. Lane closures expected.

– **W. Memorial Drive**: Bridge replacement over Decatur Branch. Road closed with detour until project completion.

**Polk County**

– **SR-68**: Bridge construction over Brush Creek. Lane closures with traffic signals.

**Rhea County**

– **SR-29 (US-27)**: Resurfacing from north of Payne Lane to near Bradley Street. Daytime lane closures.


– **Guardrail Repair and Installation**: Short term shoulder and lane closures for guardrail repair on various routes. Nightly work on interstates and daily work on state routes.

– **Attenuator Repair**: Lane closures for attenuator repairs on various routes.

– **Pavement Marking**: Restriping pavement markings on various routes with lane closures.

– **Sweeping Operations**: Regional sweeping operations with mobile lane closures.

– **SmartWay ITS Maintenance**: Short term lane closures for maintenance.

– **Cable Barrier Installation**: Daytime shoulder closures for cable rail installation with nighttime lane closures if needed.


– **Cumberland County**: SR-1 (US-70) bridge over the Obed River closed.

– **Dekalb County**: Road closed at LM 0.43 near the Smith-Dekalb County line.

– **Jackson County**: SR-135 closed with detour.

– **Franklin County**: Old Decherd Road at Wagner Creek closed.

– **Meigs County**: Box bridge on W Memorial Drive over Decatur Branch closed.

– **Hamilton County**: Moore Road and McBrien Road over I-24, and I-24 ramps between Belvoir and Moore Road closed.

### Additional Information

For more details, visit the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) website.

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