New Podcast on Sustainability in Nashville

Zero Waste Nashville and Urban Green Lab launch a podcast called "Sustainable in the City.

Urban Green Lab (UGL), a Nashville nonprofit, and Zero Waste Nashville, a division of Metro Water Services – Waste Services department, have announced the launch of their new podcast, “Sustainable in the City.” This podcast will highlight Nashville’s sustainability champions as they share their stories and experiences.

Jenn Harrman, Zero Waste Program Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the podcast’s launch, noting, “By transforming it into a podcast, we’re creating a dynamic platform to spotlight the incredible efforts of everyday Nashvillians who are championing sustainability. From big changes to small, impactful steps, the actions of our residents are the heartbeat of our city’s journey towards sustainability. By sharing their inspiring stories, we aim to empower and encourage all Nashvillians to discover fresh, innovative ways to reduce waste and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.”

“Sustainable in the City” episodes will be released on the third Tuesday of each month, starting on June 18, 2024. The podcast will be available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and other popular platforms. Hosted by Allie Omens, Zero Waste Program Coordinator, and Karissa Hampton, Sustainable Households Manager at Urban Green Lab, each episode features a Nashville community member discussing the benefits, barriers, and motivators behind their sustainable choices. Guests will include beginner composters, thrift store enthusiasts, do-it-yourself repair aficionados, and more.

Todd Lawrence, Executive Director of Urban Green Lab, shared his excitement, stating, “Each day, our team has the privilege to hear people’s inspiring personal stories about sustainability, and it is an exciting opportunity to share some of those with the city of Nashville through this podcast.”

“Sustainable in the City” initially started as a webinar in 2021, featuring local sustainability experts. Over three seasons and 45 episodes, it covered topics such as waste, river-friendly farm practices, environmental justice, composting, and creative reuse. The shift to a podcast aims to bring more personal stories from Nashville residents about their approach to sustainability.

About Urban Green Lab

Founded in 2009, UGL is a Nashville-based nonprofit dedicated to teaching communities sustainable living practices. It aims to provide sustainable living education to everyone, organizing and connecting people in classrooms, households, and workplaces. UGL focuses on environmental justice and food waste, highlighting the impact of everyday decisions on the planet and our neighbors.

About Zero Waste Nashville

Established in 2021, Zero Waste Nashville (ZWN) works to achieve the goals of Nashville’s Zero Waste Master Plan, aiming to reduce waste to landfill by 90% by 2050. As part of Metro Water Services Waste Services department, ZWN implements policies and programs to help residents refuse, reuse, recycle, and compost. This includes addressing construction and demolition waste, finding solutions for organic waste, and expanding recycling options. ZWN also focuses on educating and empowering the community to reduce and manage waste properly.

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