Nashville Police Urge Residents to Secure Vehicles and Valuables

Nashville Police advise residents to lock car doors and secure valuables, with a focus on preventing gun theft.

The Nashville Police Department is urging residents to lock their car doors, secure any valuables, particularly firearms, and ensure keys are not left inside vehicles. According to recent data, 406 guns have been stolen from vehicles in Nashville this year, with 28 thefts occurring just last week. Overall, 571 guns have been reported stolen in Davidson County in 2024, with 71% of these thefts linked to automobiles. This figure represents a 36% decrease compared to the same period last year when 635 guns had been stolen from vehicles.

In response to the rising issue of car theft and related crimes, the MNPD initiated a special program on February 1, which has led to 578 arrests, the recovery of 307 stolen vehicles, and the retrieval of 119 stolen guns. The department highlights that vehicle burglary often coincides with vehicle theft, as many cars remain easy targets due to keys being left inside or otherwise accessible to thieves. Stolen vehicles and firearms are frequently used in further criminal activities, including carjackings and robberies.

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Suspect Arrested After High-Speed Chase

Cornelius Pierce, 49, was arrested by Violent Crimes Division detectives following a high-speed chase in a stolen vehicle, which ended with his apprehension after being tracked by an MNPD helicopter and stopped with spike strips on I-65 North. Pierce, who has a history of arrests for robbery, assault, and theft, attempted to flee on foot but was injured and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He will face multiple charges upon his release from the hospital.