Metro Codes Issues Warning on Uncertified Conduit Use

Metro Codes cautions contractors about using uncertified conduit on Davidson County job sites.

On June 10, 2024, Shannon Roberts, Metro Codes Assistant Director for Building and Trades, issued a notice to contractors registered in Davidson County. The announcement highlighted an increasing trend of unlisted PVC conduit usage on job sites.

According to Roberts, all conduit used in construction within Davidson County must bear an approved product stamp and be listed by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Electrical wiring or equipment that does not meet these stamp and listing requirements will fail inspection and must be replaced with approved products.

Article 110.21(A) of the NEC mandates that equipment markings must include the manufacturer’s name, trademark, or other descriptive markings to identify the responsible organization. Additional markings indicating voltage, current, wattage, or other ratings must be durable enough to withstand the involved environment.

Roberts urges contractors to ensure all materials used in construction have the necessary markings, indicating compliance with safety regulations.

The Department of Codes and Building Safety is responsible for administering the Metro Building Code and its safety regulations to ensure the structural integrity of both residential and commercial structures in Davidson County.

For more information regarding these standards, contact Metro Codes Electrical Inspection Chief Jeremy Barber at 615-862-6575 or [email protected].

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