Mayor O’Connell Commends Council for Budget Approval

Mayor Freddie O'Connell expresses approval of the FY 2025 budget passage.


Mayor Freddie O’Connell expressed his appreciation for the Metro Council’s unanimous approval of the Fiscal Year 2025 operating budget. The budget was crafted in collaboration with the Finance Department to ensure fiscal discipline, avoiding tax increases while making significant investments in key areas.

O’Connell highlighted the substantial investment in Metro Schools, aimed at continuing essential programs initiated during the pandemic, such as universal school nurses, safety ambassadors, and mental health support. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining affordable housing, with a $30 million allocation to the Barnes Housing Trust Fund and an additional $1 million earmarked for community safety.

The Mayor praised Budget and Finance Committee Chair Delishia Porterfield for aligning with community feedback and reinforcing investments in critical areas, including the creation of a new Office of Youth Safety and expanded community center programming. He also mentioned the approval of a meaningful cost of living adjustment, merit pay increases, and raising the minimum hourly wage for Metro employees to $20, all achieved without increasing the property tax rate.

O’Connell noted that many of the city’s key initiatives, such as the East Bank project and the proposed transportation improvement program, fall outside the operating budget and will be discussed further in upcoming sessions. He concluded by stating that the budget sets the stage for Nashville’s future success by prioritizing essential needs.

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