Get Alarmed, Tennessee!” Reaches 500th Life-Saving Alert

Tennessee's "Get Alarmed" program marks its 500th life-saving smoke alarm alert.

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) have announced the 500th life-saving alert by a smoke alarm installed through the “Get Alarmed, Tennessee!” program.

Launched in 2012, “Get Alarmed” aims to reduce the risk of home fire deaths by providing in-home fire safety education and installing smoke alarms. This grant-funded initiative has seen partnerships with Tennessee fire departments and volunteer organizations to distribute and install 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms across the state.

As of now, over 306,277 smoke alarms have been distributed, with more than 265,000 installed in Tennessee homes. Fire departments report to the SFMO when these alarms alert residents to fires, allowing the program to track its effectiveness. The 500th alert was recorded during a home fire in Pigeon Forge on March 19, 2024, confirmed by the Pigeon Forge Fire Department after the resident evacuated safely.

State Fire Marshal and TDCI Commissioner Carter Lawrence highlighted the program’s role in enhancing community safety and reducing fire-related fatalities. “Get Alarmed” aligns with Governor Lee’s vision for safer Tennessee communities. Lawrence encouraged residents in need of smoke alarms to contact their local fire departments about participating in the program.

The combination of working smoke alarms, fire safety education, and other prevention methods has contributed to a decrease in Tennessee’s fire fatality rate. A study by the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service suggests that sustaining the current participation level in the “Get Alarmed” program could save over 50 lives annually for the rest of the decade. Tennessee, once among the states with the highest rates of unintentional civilian fire deaths, has seen a notable decline in such fatalities.

Interim Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention Marybeth Gribble praised the program’s milestone and its impact on the state. She noted that the collaboration with local fire services has positioned Tennessee as a national leader in fire prevention.

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