Gay Street Bridge Closure After Safety Inspection

The Gay Street Bridge in Knoxville is closed following a routine safety inspection.

A routine inspection by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has led to the closure of the Gay Street Bridge in Knoxville. The inspection revealed a compromised element, prompting officials to close the bridge to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic as a precaution.

The City of Knoxville, which owns and operates the bridge, will continue detailed inspections to determine the necessary repairs and the duration of the closure. “We regret the inconvenience, but public safety is the absolute top priority for both TDOT and the City,” stated Engineering Director Tom Clabo. He assured residents that repairs would proceed swiftly once the inspection is complete, ensuring the continued safety of the bridge.

Constructed in 1898, the 1,512-foot-long Gay Street Bridge is the oldest bridge spanning the Tennessee River in Knoxville and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. A significant improvement project was completed in 2004, costing $15.7 million and involving the City, state, and federal governments. Since then, the bridge has successfully passed all inspections without requiring closures for safety maintenance.

Despite the closure, tonight’s downtown parade and celebration of the University of Tennessee’s national baseball championship will proceed as planned. However, the parade staging area will be moved to Hill Avenue.

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