Five Men Arrested After Shooting at Detective

Five men were arrested after firing on an MNPD detective and fleeing in a stolen vehicle.

Five men have been taken into custody following an incident on Monday night where they opened fire on an undercover detective from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD). The shooting occurred just before 11 p.m. on Howerton Street near N. 6th Street. Detective Chris Lawson, who was conducting surveillance, was not injured and managed to relay information about the suspects to other MNPD units.

The suspects, identified as Eric O. Mario, 23; Ronny I. Edmonds, 19; Mahamed M. Muganga, 18; Abraham G. Mario, 19; and Omar A. Yussuf, 18, fled the scene in a stolen Infiniti Q50. They were later apprehended in Wilson County with the help of the MNPD Canine Unit and local authorities. A total of six firearms were recovered, including two Glock pistols modified to be fully automatic and a Draco pistol.

The men face multiple charges, including aggravated assault on a first responder, firearm violations, auto theft, and felony marijuana possession. The MNPD is consulting the United States Attorney’s Office about possible federal charges.

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