Federal Judge Blocks Title IX Language Replacement

A federal judge has halted the Biden Administration's attempt to modify Title IX language.

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti has issued a statement following a federal judge’s decision to block the Biden Administration’s effort to replace Title IX language. Skrmetti described the ruling as a significant victory for the Constitution and the residents of Tennessee, emphasizing the importance of protecting the constitutional separation of powers.

According to Skrmetti, the blocked rule would have required Tennessee schools and universities to allow boys into girls’ locker rooms and other private spaces. It would also have mandated that schools penalize teachers and students who did not use an individual’s preferred pronouns. Skrmetti argued that these changes represent significant legal shifts that the American public had not consented to. He further criticized the rule as an overreach by federal bureaucrats, stating that the court’s decision to halt it was appropriate.

To read a copy of the opinion, click here.

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