Woman Charged with Attempted Homicide After Bus Driver Attack

A woman has been charged with attempted homicide following an altercation with a bus driver.

Dericka Scivally, 30, has been charged with attempted murder after an incident on a WeGo bus on Gallatin Pike. The altercation occurred around noon when Scivally boarded the bus at the Gallatin Pike at Broadmoor Drive stop.

According to reports, the situation escalated when the 54-year-old bus driver asked Scivally to sit down and quiet down as she was speaking loudly. In response, Scivally began to yell and produced a kitchen knife, threatening the driver. A struggle ensued between the driver and Scivally over the knife, resulting in the driver sustaining multiple defensive wounds on her hands.

Scivally fled the scene on foot but was apprehended shortly thereafter on Gallatin Pike at the Briley Parkway overpass. At the time of the incident, there were approximately 12 other passengers on the bus.

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