Woman Arrested for Bellevue Apartment Complex Murder

Jamya Bolton-Madison, 19, was arrested for the murder of her mother's boyfriend.

Specialized Investigations Division TITANS detectives have arrested Jamya Bolton-Madison, 19, on a charge of criminal homicide for the April 19th shooting death of Dorsey Moorlet, 37, at Forest Park Apartments on Highway 70 in Bellevue. Moorlet was found shot near the front door of his apartment and died shortly after being taken to a hospital.

The investigation, led by Homicide Unit Detective Jefferson Hughes, revealed that Moorlet’s murder was domestic-related, as he was dating Bolton-Madison’s mother. Bolton-Madison is also accused of stealing her mother’s pistol and tampering with evidence. She is currently held on a $112,500 bond.

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Man Arrested After Fatal Napier Shooting

Calvin W. Kinzer, a 45-year-old convicted felon, was arrested for a parole violation following a fatal shooting in the Napier community. He admitted to the shooting, claiming self-defense, and is now facing additional charges for gun possession by a convicted felon. The investigation is ongoing and will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office upon completion.