Tennessee Promise FAFSA Deadline Extended to May 31

The FAFSA deadline for Tennessee Promise is extended to accommodate extraordinary issues.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) has announced an extension of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline for the Tennessee Promise scholarship program to May 31. This decision aims to give high school seniors and their families additional time to complete their FAFSA applications and maintain eligibility for the state’s tuition-free higher education program.

The Tennessee Promise scholarship provides eligible high school seniors with the opportunity to earn a technical certificate or associate degree tuition-free. It covers tuition and mandatory fees not met by other financial aid sources. This extension comes in response to the challenges students and families have faced with the federal implementation of the new FAFSA, complicating the college application process.

Governor Bill Lee has acknowledged the difficulties surrounding this year’s FAFSA rollout, stating, “Due to extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, we are extending the FAFSA filing deadline for the Tennessee Promise scholarship program to May 31.” He emphasized Tennessee’s dedication to facilitating post-high school education and training pathways for students.

THEC, along with partnering organizations such as the Ayers Foundation Trust and tnAchieves, is committed to assisting students through the FAFSA process. Students aiming to remain eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship are encouraged to complete their FAFSA applications online at studentaid.gov before the May 31 deadline. For assistance, students and parents can reach out to college advisors, high school counselors, call the THEC/TSAC FAFSA Hotline, email for help, or contact the Ayers Foundation Trust or tnAchieves directly.

Dr. Steven Gentile, THEC Executive Director, expressed the state’s commitment to higher education access, stating that by extending the deadline, Tennessee is lowering barriers and empowering more students to pursue higher education.

The Tennessee Promise program celebrates its 10-year anniversary this week, marking a decade of increasing higher education access in Tennessee. Since its inception in 2014, over 150,000 Tennessee students have been enabled to enroll in college and pursue their educational and career goals.

For more information about THEC and its initiatives, please visit tn.gov/thec.

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