Tennessee Board of Parole to Hold Clemency Hearings

Nashville to host three-day Executive Clemency hearings in May.

The Tennessee Board of Parole has announced it will conduct Executive Clemency hearings from Monday, May 20, through Wednesday, May 22. These hearings will take place at the Board’s central office located in downtown Nashville, specifically on the fourth floor of the Davy Crockett Tower at 500 James Robertson Parkway.

The hearings scheduled for Monday, May 20, will commence at 9 a.m. Central Time, while those on Tuesday, May 21, and Wednesday, May 22, are set to begin at 8:30 a.m. These sessions are part of the Board’s mandate to review all requests for clemency, which includes pardons, commutations, and exonerations. While the Board’s role is to evaluate and submit recommendations, the final decision on any clemency request rests solely with the Governor, who holds the exclusive power to grant Executive Clemency.

The Board of Parole operates as an independent body comprised of seven members, all of whom are appointed by the Governor. Its responsibilities extend beyond reviewing clemency requests to making determinations on parole eligibility. The Board decides which offenders are suitable for release on parole and will be placed under community supervision for the remainder of their sentences. Additionally, the Board has the authority to revoke parole if the conditions of supervision are not adhered to by the offenders.

These hearings are open to the public, allowing for transparency and community involvement in the process. For individuals interested in attending or learning more about the hearings and the Board of Parole’s functions, the event details and location provide a valuable opportunity for engagement.

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