Significant Drop in Nashville’s Vehicle-Related Gun Thefts

Nashville sees a 35% decrease in guns stolen from vehicles in 2024.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) has issued a reminder to the residents of Nashville about the importance of vehicle security. This advisory emphasizes the need for individuals to lock their car doors, secure valuables, and ensure that firearms are not left in vehicles, alongside the removal of keys from the ignition.

In the current year, a total of 291 firearms have been reported stolen from vehicles within Nashville. This figure accounts for a significant portion, specifically 70%, of the overall 414 guns reported stolen in Davidson County thus far. When compared to the previous year’s statistics during the same period, where 452 guns were stolen from vehicles, there has been a notable 35% decrease in such incidents this year.

The MNPD has actively sought to address and mitigate the problem of vehicle theft and related crimes through a special initiative launched on February 1. This effort has led to the arrest of 420 individuals and the recovery of 237 stolen vehicles along with 101 firearms.

The issue of vehicle theft is closely linked with the theft of guns from vehicles. Many vehicles become targets for thieves due to keys being left in the ignition or being otherwise accessible. These stolen vehicles often play a role in further criminal activities, including carjackings and robberies.

The MNPD’s guidance and the outcomes of its special initiative underscore a positive trend in reducing the number of guns stolen from vehicles in Nashville. However, the department continues to stress the importance of taking preventive measures to secure vehicles and valuables to further decrease the incidence of these crimes.

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