Quanta Services Acquires Sherman+Reilly, A Chattanooga Firm

Quanta Services, Inc. has acquired Sherman+Reilly, a manufacturer based in Chattanooga.

Quanta Services, Inc., a leading provider of specialized infrastructure solutions in various industries, including utility, renewable energy, communications, pipeline, and energy, has announced its acquisition of Sherman+Reilly, a Chattanooga-based manufacturer known for its line stringing and block manufacturing. This acquisition marks a significant move for Quanta Services, further enhancing its portfolio in the utility sector.

Sherman+Reilly, with a history spanning 97 years, has established itself as a leader in manufacturing transmission and distribution equipment for North America’s Electric Utility Industry. The company’s dedication to safety, innovation, and providing equipment that is easy to use has been key factors in its success and alignment with Quanta Services’ objectives.

Under the new ownership, Sherman+Reilly will continue to operate independently with its current management team, led by CEO Dave Ring. Quanta Services plans to invest in optimizing Sherman+Reilly’s existing operations, as well as expanding its future capacity and product lines at the Chattanooga facility. This investment aims to support Sherman+Reilly’s continued growth and innovation in the industry.

CEO Dave Ring expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the shared commitment to safety and the mission to ensure the safety of every lineman. Quanta Services and Sherman+Reilly’s combined efforts are expected to drive further improvements and growth in the coming years.

For more information about Quanta Services and its role as a leading specialty contractor with a highly trained workforce in North America, visit QuantaServices.com. Those interested in learning more about Sherman+Reilly’s line of transmission and distribution equipment and blocks can call 423-756-5300 or visit Sherman-Reilly.com.

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