Public Notice on Air Pollution Source Applications

Applications for air pollution permits are open for public comment until June 30, 2024.

Applications for a construction permit and/or a synthetic minor operating permit have been filed with the Metro Public Health Department, Air Pollution Control Division for various sources.

Air Pollution Control Public Notice for May 31, 2024

These applications fall under the Metropolitan Code of Laws, Chapter 10.56, “Air Pollution Control,” specifically Section 10.56.020, “Construction Permits,” Paragraph N, and Section 10.56.040, “Operating Permits.” Additionally, Section 3-2 of Regulation 3, “New Source Review” mandates public notification and a 30-day period for public comments. The application packages are available for public review at the Metro Public Health Department’s Vital Records Division located at 2500 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

Comments are to be submitted to the Air Pollution Control Division Office no later than June 30, 2024. Emailed comments can be sent to

Please send an email if you need additional information.

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Memorial Day Weekend Weather Safety Advisory

The Nashville Office of Emergency Management advises residents to be cautious this Memorial Day weekend due to an Enhanced Risk for Severe Weather, including potential damaging winds, hail, tornadoes, and flash flooding, and provides safety tips and resources for weather awareness.