Overview of Metro Construction Projects in Davidson County

A summary of active metro construction projects in Davidson County as of April 2024.

The Metro Water Services department has issued a public notice regarding the ongoing and recently initiated construction projects within Davidson County. These projects, all exceeding one acre in total size, are part of the broader initiative to enhance the county’s infrastructure and environmental stewardship.

As of April 2024, a comprehensive list of these projects can be found on the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Water Resources Data and Map Viewers website. This platform provides detailed information on each project, including locations, project scopes, and expected impacts on water quality and the surrounding environment. Interested parties can access this information by visiting the Water Resources Data and Map Viewers website.

For further inquiries or more detailed information regarding specific projects, Anna Kuoppamaki, the Stormwater GIS Analyst, is available for contact. She can be reached at her office phone number, 615-862-4792, or via email at [email protected]

This notice serves as an important update for residents and businesses within Davidson County, keeping them informed about the developments that may affect their community and environment. The Metro Water Services department remains committed to transparent communication and environmental compliance throughout the duration of these construction projects.

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