MNPD Enhances Citizen Online Reporting System

MNPD broadens its online reporting system to include more crime types.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) announced an expansion of its Citizen Online Reporting program, set to take effect on May 1. This initiative is designed to streamline the reporting process for specific types of criminal activities, making it more accessible for residents to report incidents.

The new categories of reportable offenses include retail scams, defined as the theft of money or merchandise from retail or merchant locations through deceptive or fraudulent methods. Examples of such scams include fraudulent return scams, price tag switching, and money changing scams. Additionally, bicycle theft, specifically the theft of bicycles from outside locations excluding enclosed structures or sheds, and theft from residential yards, which involves the theft of items from outside a residential location but not including vehicles or items stolen from vehicles or enclosed structures, will now be reportable online.

To report an incident under these categories, residents are encouraged to visit the MNPD’s official website and navigate to the How to File a Police Report Online section. Here, individuals can select the icon corresponding to their specific incident type and follow the prompts to complete their report. The system also allows for the uploading of still photos from home surveillance systems, providing additional evidence for the reported incidents.

It’s important to note that not all incidents can be filed online. Incidents not listed in the category selection list require direct communication with the Department of Emergency Communications at 615-862-8600 for non-emergencies. In cases of emergency, calling 911 remains the recommended course of action.

As of April 29, the MNPD Records Division has successfully approved 946 citizen online incident reports and received 3,218 minor crash reports. This expansion aims to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the reporting process, allowing for a more streamlined communication between the police department and the community.

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