Lakeshore Park Unveils Huie Woodland Playground in 2024

Lakeshore Park to open a nature-themed playground donated by Ann and Joe Huie.

The Lakeshore Park Conservancy, in collaboration with the City of Knoxville, is set to celebrate the grand opening of the newest addition to Lakeshore Park, the Huie Woodland Playground, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 3 p.m.

Gifted by Ann and Joe Huie, the playground is designed with a nature theme and is located in the woods at the northeast portion of Lakeshore Park. The Huie Woodland Playground aims to offer an immersive natural experience for children, promoting exploration and imaginative play through its discovery-oriented design.

Positioned within a pre-existing woodland and ravine, the playground leverages the natural landscape to attract visitors to a less frequented area of the park. It features two main entrances, accessible from the nearby parking and the park’s outer loop trail, leading into a variety of engaging play structures. These include a 12-foot embankment slide, a boulder scramble, a log ladder, and log stair, encouraging children to interact with the environment in fun and creative ways.

The lower portion of the playground is equipped with additional play elements such as a log stack, log tunnel, play hut, circle, swings, and a see-saw. These elements are designed to foster interaction with both nature and peers.

In keeping with the natural theme, the playground utilizes wood, rock, and boulders extensively to complement its woodland setting. Custom wooden features, including a bridge, log steps, and sculptural elements, alongside preserved native trees like Magnolia and Tulip Poplar, enhance the playground’s aesthetic and functional appeal. The plan also includes the addition of native plants to introduce seasonal varieties, further integrating the play area into the landscape of eastern Tennessee.

The Huie Woodland Playground adds to Lakeshore Park’s diverse array of play areas, which includes the Hank RappĂ© Playground and the Lakeshore Playground, both catering to a wide range of ages. With the ongoing renovation of the Lakeshore Playground and the construction of the Tower Playground, Lakeshore Park continues to expand its recreational offerings to the community.

Situated away from the park’s other play areas, the Huie Woodland Playground offers a unique, nature-immersed play experience, distinguishing it from the park’s other amenities and inviting families to engage with Knoxville’s natural beauty in a new and exciting way.

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