KUB Releases 2023 Water Quality Report Online

KUB's 2023 Water Quality Report showcases its commitment to providing safe drinking water.

Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) has announced the availability of its 2023 Water Quality Report, underscoring its dedication to delivering safe, high-quality drinking water to the community. This report, accessible online, offers a comprehensive overview of KUB’s efforts in monitoring, testing, and maintaining its water system to ensure the highest standards of water quality.

The 2023 Water Quality Report is a testament to KUB’s rigorous approach to safeguarding the community’s health and well-being through its water services. It highlights the extensive measures KUB takes, including conducting over 100,000 tests annually in its state-certified water quality laboratory—far exceeding the requirements set by state and federal regulations. These tests cover more than 150 contaminants to confirm the safety of the drinking water and the protection of local waterways.

Furthermore, the report showcases KUB’s proactive maintenance strategies through its Century II infrastructure program. This initiative involves the periodic replacement of water pipes with new ones designed to last approximately 100 years, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the water delivery system.

KUB emphasizes the essential role that water plays in the community and expresses pride in its capability to provide this vital service. The utility encourages its customers to explore the findings and information presented in the 2023 Water Quality Report. It is available for online viewing at KUB.org/2023KUBWaterQuality or can be requested over the phone by calling 865-524-2911.

In addition to detailing its water quality efforts, KUB invites the community to learn more about its commitment to clean, safe drinking water, ways to help protect local rivers, and how to reserve the H2O To Go mobile water station for events. For more information on these initiatives, visit www.KUB.org/Water.

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