Greenway Trails Opening and Cleaning Efforts Underway

Staff work to restore Greenway trails for the upcoming weekend.

This weekend, efforts are being made to open and clean the Greenway trails, ensuring they are safe and accessible for the public. Staff will be actively working on the trails, and visitors are asked to be cautious and considerate of the workers and their equipment during this time.

The restoration and cleaning efforts are focused on several specific areas of the Greenway. The segments from Thompson to Old Fort Park and from Barfield to Cason Lane are set to be open. Additionally, the walking trails at Barfield are already open and accessible to the public. However, the trail from Old Fort Park to Cason Lane trailhead will remain closed due to flooding issues that still need to be addressed. Similarly, the bridge at the Southridge subdivision is also closed due to flooding.

The ongoing work is part of a larger effort to ensure the Greenway trails are safe and enjoyable for all users. The community is encouraged to stay updated on the progress and to plan their visits accordingly, keeping in mind the areas that are currently closed. The dedication of the staff to restoring these trails demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the beauty and accessibility of the Greenway for the enjoyment of the community.

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