Trustee Erica Gilmore Shares Insights on WFSK’s “What’s the 411?

Trustee Erica Gilmore discusses tax relief programs and community initiatives on WFSK Jazzy 88.

Metropolitan Trustee Erica S. Gilmore is set to appear on WFSK Jazzy 88’s “What’s the 411?” this afternoon. Alongside WFSK General Manager Sharon Kay, Trustee Gilmore will provide listeners with important information about community initiatives and how they can benefit from them.

During the show, Trustee Gilmore will delve into comprehensive details about Property Tax Relief and Tax Freeze Programs. She will also share the most up-to-date eligibility criteria for the Tax Freeze Program, ensuring that listeners are well-informed about these valuable resources.

In addition to discussing tax relief programs, Trustee Gilmore will provide insights into the upcoming 2nd Annual Walks with the Trustee event. This initiative aims to foster community engagement and promote a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Throughout the show, Trustee Gilmore will answer common questions from listeners, offering clarity and guidance on various topics related to her role as Metropolitan Trustee. Tune in to WFSK Jazzy 88, “Nashville’s Jazz Station,” to catch this informative episode of “What’s the 411?” with Trustee Erica Gilmore.

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Trustee Announces 2nd Annual Walks with the Trustee

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