Public Notice for Air Pollution Control Permit Applications

Applications for construction and operating permits have been filed with Metro Public Health Department.

Applications for a construction permit and/or a synthetic minor operating permit have been filed with the Metro Public Health Department, Air Pollution Control Division for the following sources:

Air Pollution Control Public Notice for April 19, 2024

These applications are subject to the provisions of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, Chapter 10.56, “Air Pollution Control,” Section 10.56.020, “Construction Permits,” Paragraph N and/or Section 10.56.040, “Operating Permits” and Section 3-2 of Regulation 3, “New Source Review” which require public notification and a 30-day public comment period. Copies of the application packages are on file for public review in the Metro Public Health Department, Vital Records Division, 2500 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. Comments must be received in the Air Pollution Control Division Office no later than May 19, 2024. Emailed comments may be directed to [email protected].

Please send an email to request additional information.

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NDOT Forms Approved Materials Committee

The Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) has established the Approved Materials Committee to maintain a list of approved materials, products, and engineered systems that meet high standards for use within NDOT projects in Davidson County.