Majority of Nashville Stolen Guns Taken from Vehicles

In Nashville, most stolen guns are taken from unlocked vehicles.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is urging residents to take precautionary measures to secure their vehicles by locking doors, safeguarding valuables, especially firearms, and ensuring that keys are not left inside the vehicle. This advice comes in the wake of a special initiative launched by the MNPD on February 1, aimed at combating car theft and associated crimes. The initiative has led to 382 arrests, along with the recovery of 212 stolen vehicles and 92 firearms.

Statistics reveal a concerning trend in Nashville, with 255 guns reported stolen from vehicles within the year, including 12 in just the past week. These figures contribute to a total of 362 firearms reported stolen across Davidson County for the year. Remarkably, 70% of these thefts occurred in vehicles. This marks a significant decrease compared to the previous year, which saw 393 guns stolen from vehicles by this same time, indicating a 35% reduction in such incidents this year.

The issue of vehicle burglaries and thefts remains closely linked, as many vehicles become targets for criminals due to keys being left inside or made easily accessible. The theft of firearms from vehicles is particularly troubling, as these stolen guns often find their way into the hands of criminals, subsequently being used in various crimes including carjackings and robberies. The MNPD’s continued efforts to address these issues highlight the importance of community involvement in crime prevention and the need for residents to take active steps in securing their vehicles and valuables.

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