Great Circle Road Bridge Closed for Repairs

A damaged bridge in Nashville will be closed until further notice.

The Great Circle Road Bridge in Metro Center, Nashville will be closed starting Thursday, April 25 until further notice. A recent inspection of the bridge revealed that some of the steel pilings are showing signs of advanced corrosion at the water line compared to the previous inspection conducted two years ago.

The Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) requested a structural analysis from their bridge engineering consultants. Based on the recommendations from the analysis, NDOT has decided to close the bridge until an additional underwater investigation can be performed to determine the full extent of the damage and identify the appropriate repairs needed.

Preparations are currently underway to close the bridge to traffic. Access to all businesses in the area will remain open during the closure. A schedule to re-open the bridge will be shared once the scope of repairs is determined in the coming weeks.

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