Free Real Estate Program for Tennessee High School Seniors

Tennessee introduces a free real estate licensing program for high school seniors.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI), through its Division of Regulatory Boards, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at high school seniors across the state. The Tennessee High School Senior Real Estate Licensing Program, supported by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, offers a unique opportunity for qualifying students to embark on a real estate sales career without cost.

This innovative program aligns with TDCI’s goal of empowering future professionals by providing a pathway for students to begin a potentially lucrative career in real estate immediately after graduation. “The Tennessee High School Senior Real Estate Licensing Program represents our commitment to equipping the next generation with the skills and experience needed to succeed,” stated TDCI Commissioner Carter Lawrence.

Participants in the program are required to complete a 60-hour Tennessee Affiliate Broker pre-licensing course and a 30-hour Tennessee New Affiliate course. These courses are offered through Kaplan, a renowned global educational services provider. Students have the flexibility of completing these courses within a six to 12-month window, extending beyond their high school graduation if necessary. Following the coursework, students must pass both state and national real estate exams to obtain their licenses.

The program not only covers the costs associated with the required real estate courses but also aims to enhance Tennessee’s workforce and boost the state’s economy. “This initiative demonstrates the Tennessee Real Estate Commission’s commitment to fostering economic growth and professional development within the state,” remarked Alex Martin, TDCI Assistant Commissioner for Regulatory Boards.

With a particular focus on assisting students in economically distressed counties, the program aims to offer an alternative educational and career path to those not planning to pursue traditional college or trade school education. Denise Beard Baker, Executive Director of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, encourages educators, parents, and students to explore this opportunity further by contacting her directly at for more information.

Applications and additional details about the Tennessee High School Senior Real Estate Licensing Program can be found [here](

This initiative is a testament to Tennessee’s commitment to creating opportunities for its youth and strengthening the professional landscape of the real estate industry within the state.

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