Firefighters Rescue Woman from Burning Home in Murfreesboro

Firefighters saved a woman from a burning home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

In a display of quick action and bravery, firefighters from the Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department saved a woman from a burning home on the evening of April 26, 2024. The incident occurred in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where a home on Amberwood Circle was reported to be engulfed in flames. The fire, which started in the garage area around 8:30 p.m., posed a significant threat to the occupants of the home.

Upon their arrival, firefighters learned that a woman in her mid-30s was trapped inside the house. Her husband, mother-in-law, daughter, and the family dog had managed to escape the blaze before the fire department’s arrival. However, the woman was still inside. Firefighters from Engine 9 quickly sprang into action, successfully rescuing the woman from the burning structure.

In addition to the rescue efforts, firefighters from Engine 10 aggressively attacked the fire, successfully extinguishing it and preventing further damage to the property. A thorough secondary search was conducted by the fire crews to ensure that no one else was in danger inside the home.

The woman rescued from the fire was checked on the scene by personnel from Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services. She chose not to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. Instead, officers from the Murfreesboro Police Department took her to the hospital in a patrol car for further medical evaluation.

To assist the affected family, the Heart of Tennessee Chapter of the American Red Cross was called upon for support.

Responding to the fire were crews from Engine 9, Engine 10, Ladder 4, Ladder 10, Ladder 11, Safety 1, Safety 2, Battalion Chief 1, Battalion Chief 2, and administrative staff from the Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department. Their coordinated efforts ensured the safety of the trapped individual and minimized the damage to the home.

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