Emily Leonard’s “Sow” Exhibit at David Lusk Gallery

Emily Leonard's new collection "Sow" showcases vibrant botanical abstractions at David Lusk Gallery.

David Lusk Gallery is excited to present Sow, a collection of new works by Emily Leonard. Leonard is known for her emotive botanical scenes and richly textured panoramas that are created through intricate layers and translucent coatings that masterfully transform blossoms and foliage into vibrant abstract arrangements. Strata of hues and intricate strokes converge to create ethereal surfaces, enhancing the delicate allure of her focal points. Reflective pastel shades gently soften the detailed contours of blooms and boughs, offering a clear depiction of the awe-inspiring and enduring aspects of the natural world.

Sown showcases 11 works of varying scale, ranging from the larger scale works to the smaller studies that provide viewers with insights into her creative process. This collection abstracts and deconstructs botanical forms, showcasing Leonard’s gestural brushwork and nods to abstract impressionism, inspired in part by the works of Joan Mitchell and Claude Monet. These new works possess an airy quality reminiscent of these artists’ pieces, each possessing a strong painterly essence. Some pieces resonate with each other, while others stand alone, yet all radiate the essence of springtime, highlighting botanical elements to provoke contemplation of unseen connections and experiences.

Leonard describes this exhibition as one that evokes a particular sense of morning glow, capturing the quiet stillness just before daybreak, holding the anticipation of new beginnings. This theme connects seamlessly with the concept of spring and renewal, offering viewers a revitalizing breath of fresh air. With splashes of paint, Leonard seems to tie emotions naturally into her depictions, leaving viewers with pieces that are visually interesting and holding tensions and an emotional depth that may not always be associated with floral depictions. Describing her work as an awakening, Leonard invites viewers to contemplate the moments preceding growth or flight, imbuing her pieces with a sense of anticipation.

Each piece in the collection is skillfully captured through Leonard’s use of bright colors to accentuate specific movements or subjects. Vibrant tangerine orange and teal accents in smaller studies and larger-scale pieces illuminate neutral white spaces, lending a sense of translucence to the compositions. In the 48×36 piece, bold red flowers juxtaposed against darker foliage, emphasizing the dynamic flow within the abstraction. The intention behind each color choice and brushstroke can be felt as she expertly weaves together various emotions and techniques that create new pieces that offer viewers a unique experience. Each painting presents a distinct way to perceive her subjects.

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