CityTV Advises Against Left Turns During Peak Hours

CityTV's "Traffic Minute" offers tips to navigate congested traffic safely and efficiently.

CityTV’s “Traffic Minute” series provides monthly advice to motorists on navigating congested traffic using best practices. In the latest installment, CityTV’s Steve Burris highlights the issue of making left turns in and out of businesses during peak hours. The video can be viewed here:

During peak hours, increased traffic on major arterials can create conflicts when motorists attempt to make left turns in and out of businesses. Studies suggest that making a right turn upon departure and then safely turning left can be a safer way to proceed in the desired direction. By avoiding unnecessary risks, planning trips, and taking alternative routes, motorists can help reduce traffic crashes and improve overall traffic flow.

The “Traffic Minute” provides practical advice from traffic engineers and patrol officers, addressing specific intersections such as Middle Tennessee Blvd. and New Salem Hwy, as well as general tips for navigating peak hour traffic. The Murfreesboro Police Department and the City Transportation Department collaborate with CityTV to visually demonstrate traffic issues and offer guidance to the motoring public.

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