City Requires Dependent Eligibility Verification for Some Employees

Employees who added dependents to City health plans must provide eligibility documentation.

Employees who added dependents to their City health plans (Medical, Dental, Vision) during the 2024 annual Open Enrollment period are required to provide documentation to Human Resources verifying their eligibility. This information was not requested during the Open Enrollment period to ensure prompt processing of enrollments and changes. Employees who did not add any dependents are not required to provide documentation.

Definitions of various types of dependents and the types of documentation that can be provided to verify their eligibility for health plan(s) are attached. To avoid disrupting any new dependent coverages, document copies should be forwarded to Karen Heyduck in Human Resources no later than May 15, 2024. Originals should not be sent. Documents can be hand-delivered or sent via email, fax, or US Mail. Using inter-office mail for personal information is not recommended.

Documents should be sent to:

Karen Heyduck, Benefits Administrator

City of Murfreesboro

P.O. Box 1139

111 W. Vine Street

Murfreesboro, TN 37133-1139

T 629-201-6234

F 615-904-6506


For any questions, please reach out to Karen Heyduck directly.

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Verifying Dependent Eligibility for City Health Plans

Employees who added dependents to their City health plans during the 2024 Open Enrollment must provide documentation to Human Resources by May 15, 2024, to verify their dependents’ eligibility and avoid coverage disruption.