Chattanooga Unveils Plan for Protected Multimodal Lane on Frazier Avenue

The City of Chattanooga will create a protected multi-modal lane on Frazier Avenue to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users.

The City of Chattanooga has announced its decision to reconfigure Frazier Avenue by implementing a modified version of the previously-discussed Option B. The new configuration will feature a protected multi-modal lane, accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users, alongside safer sidewalks.

Throughout the decision-making process, the city’s primary concern has been the safety of pedestrians. The plan also includes the addition of a new mid-block crosswalk at the CARTA parking garage located at 345 Frazier Avenue. Implementation of the redesign is expected to commence in late spring.

Mayor Tim Kelly expressed his satisfaction with the solution, stating, “The new protected lane on Frazier will provide space for everyone who isn’t in a car to more easily and safely enjoy everything Frazier has to offer, while moving automotive traffic through the area smoothly.”

Councilwoman Jenny Hill, representing District Two, praised the public engagement around the issue and thanked the Kelly Administration, Public Works team, and Regional Planning Agency for their efforts in finding a suitable solution for Frazier Avenue.

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