Building & Codes Director Kevin Jones Shares Insights on “The Insider” Podcast

Murfreesboro's Building & Codes Director Kevin Jones discusses the department's role in promoting public safety on the City's official podcast.

Building & Codes Director Kevin Jones recently appeared as a guest on the latest edition of “The Insider,” the City of Murfreesboro’s official podcast. In the episode, Jones shared insights into how the Building & Codes Department works to protect the health and safety of Murfreesboro residents through building codes, inspections of new and renovated structures, and property maintenance standards.

Jones explained that on-site inspections, plan reviews, and certificates of occupancy are designed to protect residents and their homes or businesses. He also discussed the history of building codes, which date back to 1750 B.C. in Babylon, and how various regions of the U.S. and the globe united in 2000 to develop a common International Code, which is now a recognized building standard worldwide.

The Building & Codes Department enforces approximately 10 different major Code categories, including building structures, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fuel, and gas. Inspectors issue correction notices to contractors for items that fail to meet code, and permits are issued to ensure that work is completed up to Code and accurately meets standards at inspection.

Jones also touched on the importance of obtaining permits for renovations and remodels, as well as the process of inspecting large commercial projects. He explained how enforcing property maintenance violations helps the City maintain standards and keep property values up.

The Murfreesboro Building & Codes Department issued over 10,000 permits in 2023, with over 40,000 inspections performed by twelve inspectors during the same period. The City has averaged over 1,700 new residential dwellings a year over a 4-year period.

To listen to the full episode of “The Insider” featuring Kevin Jones, visit For more information on the Murfreesboro Building and Codes Department, visit or call 615-893-3750.

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