Active Vacation Nation Contest Encourages Fitness Fun

Participate in the Active Vacation Nation contest and earn rewards for staying active.

This summer, why not add some fitness fun to your vacation itinerary? The Active Vacation Nation contest encourages participants to log their steps each day for two weeks, from April 22 to May 3. By staying active, you could walk away with more energy, improved attention, a less cluttered mind, and earn credit in your rewards for participating.

The contest is open to individuals, and the goal is to get as many steps as you can each day. As a bonus, you can post a pic of you doing your activity on Caught Ya! Engage with fellow competitors on the global Contest chat, where you can plan walks together, give support, high-fives, or a nudge.

This is a co-mingled contest, which means you can use a compatible device synced to your Sonic Boom account or manually answer the daily prompt, “How many steps did you get today?” If you have a device already synced to your account, you’ll automatically be registered as a verified user. If you’d prefer to manually add your steps, you’ll need to un-sync your device before you sign up for the contest.

Registration opens on April 15. To participate, log into your account, click on the “Contests” tab, select “Join now,” and start moving toward the goal! Be healthy, stay positive, and have fun!

Important Dates:

  • Sign-ups: April 15 – 23
  • Contest starts: April 22
  • Contest ends: May 3
  • Offload data by: May 7
  • Results posted: May 10

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