Warning Issued Ahead of April 8th Solar Eclipse

TN AG urges caution for safe solar eclipse viewing.

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office has issued a consumer alert regarding the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th. Although Tennessee will not experience the full effect of the solar eclipse, many residents are expected to participate in viewing the celestial event. The Attorney General’s warning comes in light of past incidents where individuals sustained severe and sometimes permanent eye injuries from either looking directly at the sun without protection or using inadequate eclipse viewing glasses.

The Attorney General emphasizes the importance of purchasing eclipse viewing equipment from reputable vendors. Due to the high demand for such gear during astronomical events, there’s an increased risk of encountering products that are falsely advertised as safe but fail to meet necessary safety standards. To assist consumers in finding reliable eclipse glasses, the American Astronomical Society has compiled a list of trustworthy sellers and distributors. These products conform to international safety criteria and can be found at Suppliers of Safe Solar Viewers & Filters | Solar Eclipse Across America (aas.org).

Additionally, the public is encouraged to visit the same link for more information and tips on how to safely observe the sun during the eclipse. The overarching message from the Attorney General’s Office is a reminder to never look directly at an eclipse without proper protective gear, highlighting the importance of eye safety during such events.

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