Vasu Primlani Appointed Knoxville’s Sustainability Director

Vasu Primlani to lead Knoxville's sustainability efforts starting April 2024.

In a significant step toward achieving its environmental goals, the city of Knoxville has welcomed a new Director of Sustainability, Vasu Primlani. Announced by Mayor Indya Kincannon, Primlani will be leaving her current role as Metro Nashville’s Decarbonization Manager to embark on this new endeavor starting April 1, 2024.

With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Primlani has been at the forefront of sustainability and environmental innovation, earning numerous accolades including the prestigious EPA’s Environmental Achievement Award. Her appointment comes at a crucial time as Knoxville aims for an ambitious 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Mayor Kincannon praised Primlani’s extensive experience and innovative approach to sustainability, highlighting not only her technical expertise but also her commitment to equity. “Vasu’s focus on making climate change adaptation just, equitable, and economically beneficial for all residents and small business owners sets her apart,” Kincannon stated. “Her leadership will be instrumental in making Knoxville a model city for sustainable and inclusive growth.”

Primlani, who also has a background as a corporate trainer, comedian, professor, and author, expressed her excitement about joining the Knoxville team. She shared her admiration for the city’s existing sustainability efforts and emphasized the importance of technology, funding, and collaboration in achieving environmental objectives. Known for her unique blend of humor and professionalism, Primlani also plans to inject some fun into the serious business of sustainability. “Bringing laughter and a positive spirit to the office is essential for fostering a creative and collaborative working environment,” she remarked.

As she prepares to transition from her role in Nashville, Primlani’s vision for Knoxville is clear: to drive meaningful environmental change that not only addresses the challenges of climate change but also ensures a sustainable future for all its residents. Her tenure in Knoxville, beginning in April 2024, is eagerly anticipated by both city officials and the community at large.

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