Upcoming Bridge Repairs to Affect I-640 Traffic

Bridge repairs on I-640 are scheduled, impacting traffic flow.

Motorists traveling on Interstate 640 (I-640) in Knox County will need to prepare for upcoming road construction activities that will affect the flow of traffic starting next week. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has announced a series of bridge repairs and traffic shifts that are set to begin on Sunday, March 17.

The construction will kick off at 7 p.m. on I-640 East with the closure of one lane from just before North Broadway (Exit 6) to Washington Pike (Exit 8). To facilitate repair work on the bridge over Nora Road, the on-ramp from North Broadway (Exit 6) to I-640 East will also be closed intermittently starting at 11 p.m. This initial phase is designed to allow the contractor to safely shift traffic and commence repair activities.

Following the completion of the eastbound traffic shift, attention will turn to I-640 West. Here, a similar strategy will be employed, with one lane being closed between the Washington Pike (Exit 8) on-ramp and the North Broadway (Exit 6) interchange to allow for repairs on the bridge over Nora Road.

These construction activities are scheduled to occur nightly, wrapping up each morning by 6 a.m., with all work expected to be concluded by the morning of Friday, March 22. TDOT has stressed that this schedule is dependent on favorable weather conditions and has advised motorists to expect delays in the affected areas. The presence of workers necessitates extreme caution from drivers passing through the construction zones.

TDOT also reminds drivers to use available motorist information tools to stay informed about travel conditions. This includes checking traffic reports before setting out on journeys. In line with safety guidelines, motorists are urged not to use their phones for texting, calling, or tweeting while driving.

For more information on travel conditions, drivers can visit TDOT’s official website.

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