Two Arrested for September 2023 Nashville Murder

Two suspects were arrested for a fatal shooting in September 2023.

Two individuals have been arrested following their indictment for the September 2023 murder of 22-year-old Kyle Martin Jr. on Moonlight Drive, Nashville. Nathaniel Harris, 19, was taken into custody at the Birch Building where he appeared for an unrelated attempted homicide case. Thomas Wade, 21, was arrested at his home in Rutherford County in a coordinated effort with LaVergne Police Department.

Both suspects face charges of first-degree murder following their alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of Martin, who was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds in his vehicle. He later succumbed to his injuries at Skyline Medical Center. The grand jury’s decision to indict Harris and Wade earlier this month has led to their arrest, and they will be held without bond pending trial.

This development comes as a significant breakthrough in a case that has captured the attention of the Nashville community. The police department’s diligent work in collaboration with local and county law enforcement has been pivotal in apprehending the suspects.

For further information and updates on this case, please refer to the Nashville Police Department’s official website.

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